Favorite Songs

Music is a mainstay in my life. I’ve always had music playing pretty much all day. As Jesus brought me closer to Him, my tastes in music changed. I have found that what I listen to impacts my mood, my thoughts, and in turn my actions.

I’ve included this Spotify playlist of some of my favorite songs. Feel free to check them out. If you click or tap on the song, it will play a snip of it. If you tap on the Spotify icon, it’ll take you to the site, where you can listen to the full song.

I’ve also included some YouTube videos of some of my favorite songs (below).

Cory Asbury’s Reckless Love, as referenced in my post “Scandalous

I looooove this song!! (Referenced in my post “Unraveled“)

Referenced in the post “Labeled

Teaching Videos

Recently discovered Lisa Harper thanks to a friend of mine…oh how her ministry has touched me!!

God’s opinion on women!!!

Oh how this woman’s ministry has ministered to my life!

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