Welcome Son-Seekers

So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!

John 8:36 NASB

Daily Devotions

Thanksgiving was a beautiful time of reflection, and time well spent with family and friends. I pray your Thanksgiving was also beautiful. I hope you enjoyed the trek through the 119th Psalm during the month of November. We have turned the page now into December, and all November 2021 devotionals have now been moved to their own page, accessible from the Devotionals page. I pray as we begin this last month of the year that you will grow closer and closer to our Heavenly Father.

About Me

Hi, I’m Melissa. I’m a middle aged lover of Jesus Christ, mother of one beautiful daughter, and grandmother of 2 precious boys.

I have been set free, and like His word says, I am FREE INDEED. My heart is to share my journey to Freedom in Christ and what He has taught and is teaching me day by day.

Latest from the Blog

We are the Church

I started to write a devotional from this verse I read in Psalms (122:1). Got half of it written as a matter of fact, before I had to stop yesterday. When I came back to it this morning, I realized that maybe I was being directed to write another blog post, as it didn’t seemContinue reading “We are the Church”


I’ve taken a vacation in my head the last few days. I haven’t studied and I haven’t written (because the writing comes out of the studying). I sat down at my desk this morning and realized just how much of a “vacation” I took from God. I don’t even want to share this. I don’tContinue reading “Slipping”


Why do we so often assume that God doesn’t know what He’s doing? I’ve had occasion to think about this recently as I have made decisions that have put me on the throne in my life and shoved my Creator to the side. I’ve ruminated over what blessings and growth I’ve circumvented due to myContinue reading “Shortcuts”

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