I’m just a beggar trying to show other beggars where I found bread…

We are the Church

I started to write a devotional from this verse I read in Psalms (122:1). Got half of it written as a matter of fact, before I had to stop yesterday. When I came back to it this morning, I realized that maybe I was being directed to write another blog post, as it didn’t seemContinue reading “We are the Church”


I’ve taken a vacation in my head the last few days. I haven’t studied and I haven’t written (because the writing comes out of the studying). I sat down at my desk this morning and realized just how much of a “vacation” I took from God. I don’t even want to share this. I don’tContinue reading “Slipping”


Why do we so often assume that God doesn’t know what He’s doing? I’ve had occasion to think about this recently as I have made decisions that have put me on the throne in my life and shoved my Creator to the side. I’ve ruminated over what blessings and growth I’ve circumvented due to myContinue reading “Shortcuts”

God in a Box

The God revealed in the Bible is the same God who is active in this world, in this time, today. Why do I have so much trouble believing that? I pray in a tentative fashion, and am constantly surprised when I receive an answer at all, much less a rapid and obvious one. I amContinue reading “God in a Box”

Red Letter Day

I was sitting in my car one morning, waiting for my daughter, and was kind of mentally reviewing the previous day. I had the thought that it was a “red letter day”. (Just in case you don’t know – cause I didn’t – the phrase “red letter day” comes from the practice of marking celebrationContinue reading “Red Letter Day”


I am coming to realize just how deformed my thought processes became through the years of living in deliberate sin. My sin, the sin that was thrust upon me and that I gave in to and eventually embraced was sexual sin. I don’t know how to address the topic, I don’t know how to treatContinue reading “Thoughts”

I Can’t

I wonder sometimes what my life would be like if I had followed Christ from the time He became my Savior instead of taking the detour I took. Would I still be married? Would we be in some form of service or ministry together? I have looked back over my marriage, over the sin thatContinue reading “I Can’t”


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