I’m just a beggar trying to show other beggars where I found bread…

I met a Man

I have not lived a pristine life. If you’ve read any of my blogs up to this point, you are aware of this, though not to the extent of reality because I have not been led to share the extent of it on this platform (at least not yet). The choices I’ve made in myContinue reading “I met a Man”

Gracing the Disgraced

For whatever reason, God has nudged me into remembering recently. Remembering who I used to be, remembering just how far I had fallen. It’s easy, when you’ve walked with Jesus for a time, to forget just how bad you were. After all, we’ve been saved by the grace of God, chosen and adopted and blessed.Continue reading “Gracing the Disgraced”

Get Real

I’ve thought a lot lately about being real. Real with myself…owning my stuff. Real with others…not presenting a false front. Real with God… Why is that so hard? But I know, way down deep to the molecules and atoms of me, that being real with Him is the only way to healing, to health, toContinue reading “Get Real”

God is Good

I am up way too late tonight. I couldn’t go to sleep. That usually means there’s something on my mind that I need to get up and pray about, or God just wants a little extra time with me so I’m prompted to get up and read my Bible. Sometimes He has something for meContinue reading “God is Good”

Come to Me

I can’t do what You have called me to do right now. What energizes and excites me. What stirs my heart and mind. Everything else in my life has overtaken what I feel happiest doing. Even the job I felt sure You had given me is a source of stress, and I’m not currently workingContinue reading “Come to Me”

Falling Apart

I gave council to a loved one that sometimes falling apart is the best thing you can do. That perhaps allowing yourself to shatter will also allow God to put you back together in a better way. I know this is true, as it has happened over and over in my own life. After IContinue reading “Falling Apart”


Shame is a sticky, viscous substance. I’ve written about this before, but I’ve also written so many posts that I would have to go back and read each one to find out if I’ve communicated these thoughts before. If you have a better memory than I do and remember distinctly me already saying what follows,Continue reading “Shame-less”

How Much More

My Heavenly Father has been working with me on some things, some things I haven’t wanted to deal with, haven’t wanted to look at, haven’t wanted to think about. But He’s persistent, that’s for sure. I’m His, and He won’t let me push Him back out or ignore Him for too long. I hope andContinue reading “How Much More”


It’s been 37 days. It seems, at the same time, both short and long. A blip and an eon. In the way of grief from tragedy, the balance has changed in those 37 days from all grief to mostly grief with some joy, to grief and joy in equal measures, to joy with a lotContinue reading “Musings”


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