Welcome Son-Seekers

So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!

John 8:36 NASB

Daily Devotions

I didn’t realize until I wrote the date (after I had posted the morning’s essay) that it was August 1! It snuck up on me this time. August is back to school, buckling down, back to normal for many people. I pray for those teachers who are returning to the classroom that they will shine as a beautiful reflection of Jesus, and allow Him to lead them as they navigate the scholastic waters.

We are solidly into the New Testament already, and I am greatly anticipating studying God’s Word as we move forward in Matthew. July devotionals have been moved to their own page, accessible from the link at the bottom of the Devotionals page. I pray that, as you read these new mediations that God lays on my heart, they will stir you to dig deeper for yourself and encounter the reality of our great Father.

About Me

Hi, I’m Melissa. I’m a middle aged lover of Jesus Christ, mother of one beautiful daughter, and grandmother of 2 precious boys.

I have been set free, and like His word says, I am FREE INDEED. My heart is to share my journey to Freedom in Christ and what He has taught and is teaching me day by day.

Latest from the Blog

Gracing the Disgraced

For whatever reason, God has nudged me into remembering recently. Remembering who I used to be, remembering just how far I had fallen. It’s easy, when you’ve walked with Jesus for a time, to forget just how bad you were. After all, we’ve been saved by the grace of God, chosen and adopted and blessed.Continue reading “Gracing the Disgraced”

Get Real

I’ve thought a lot lately about being real. Real with myself…owning my stuff. Real with others…not presenting a false front. Real with God… Why is that so hard? But I know, way down deep to the molecules and atoms of me, that being real with Him is the only way to healing, to health, toContinue reading “Get Real”

God is Good

I am up way too late tonight. I couldn’t go to sleep. That usually means there’s something on my mind that I need to get up and pray about, or God just wants a little extra time with me so I’m prompted to get up and read my Bible. Sometimes He has something for meContinue reading “God is Good”

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