Good morning! I don’t know who is going to see this, but I know my Jesus will, and I will strive to write for Him.

My first blog post…wow. It will be interesting to see where He takes this. I envision this being a collection of thoughts. Maybe what is running through my tricky brain will engage yours…who knows. I know that I have a passion for women to be set free.

Free from fear, from sin, from rules that accomplish nothing.

Free to experience overwhelming Joy, Peace, and Love.

My journey to freedom began years ago…with the first steps towards bondage. (As Jesus leads me, I will share my bondage…for now, just know that I was bound and wound tighter than a 40-year-old rusted bolt.)

If you are in the beginning of your journey, I have news and hope for you…it’s just the beginning. I don’t know how short or long your journey will be, but I know the One who can and will set you free.

The journey will be painful, confusing, overwhelming…and that’s just the trip in. It gets worse. No one I know chooses to be bound up. No one stands there just waiting to have a thorny, scratchy rope wrapped from bottom to top. It happens without you being aware of it a lot of times. I wasn’t. You know what I did that started me on my journey…? I got married. (Yes, that’s an oversimplification, but it truly is the beginning of my journey in.)

It wasn’t, of course, getting married that was the problem. It was the condition of my heart. I wasn’t whole. I wasn’t prepared. I ended up making my husband my god. And oh boy did that lead to a whole WORLD of trouble.

A quarter of a century later I can look back and praise Jesus for what he delivered me from. It wasn’t easy, and it’s not done. There are still echoes…still shards of the past that He is redeeming. But my story isn’t done. My journey isn’t done. The healing has begun but it’s far from over. Isn’t it wonderful that Jesus is in the healing business? That everything He touches is made new, revived, restored, redeemed…recycled. My journey, the choices I made that defied Him, that saddened Him, that broke His heart…He will use every one of those to bring glory and honor to His name.

I have been made free. I pray that you will allow Him to set you free too.

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